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Your Credit Rights

“I never expected such great results so fast. My credit score has increased over 75 points in under 60 days. Thanks!!!” ˆ

Katie, New Jersey

The importance of updated credit reports.


Establishing and maintaining good credit is the key to taking advantage of many of the benefits life has to offer. Truth be told, good credit is the most important financial asset you have. Failing to have good credit results in the inability to engage in such things as opening up a credit card with reasonable interest rates and worthwhile spending limits, renting an apartment, and qualifying for mortgage and automotive loans. Believe it or not, statistics prove that anything less than good credit can even result in tremendous difficulty in securing certain jobs. Non-compliant data on a credit report can also cause major issues for military personnel seeking rank advancements and/or security clearances.

Knowing the importance of good and accurate credit, the eCreditAttorney program was created and has been proven to be so effective at turning around the lives of its clients that the eCreditAttorney program is viewed by many to be an industry leading service in the credit repair industry.  The respected and experienced members of our attorney led team have devised a process that is extremely efficient, effective and affordable for each of our valued clients.

As our new client, you are only four short steps from permanently changing your life:


Send Us Your Credit Data
The process begins with you either mailing, emailing, faxing in toll free or providing us with online access to your credit data. We highly recommend you know your most recent and updated Credit Score before beginning this process. If you do not already have a current copy of this data you may visit our preferred credit score provider and get secure access in seconds.

Again, to take advantage of this special offer to receive immediate access to your credit data simply click the following link:

Receipt of your initial credit report data is an extremely important part of the credit repair process as these are the documents which provide our attorney led team with the information necessary to formulate a unique strategy for your custom case in order to present to you for your review, modification/input and ultimate approval. These initial credit reports will also be used as a baseline to show to you the incredible results that our team will be working around the clock on your behalf to provide throughout your enrollment.

Please note, if you have selected the "Expedite My Case" feature please be sure to either Fax,  Email or provide us with online access to your credit data in order to enjoy same day service and the fastest possible results.


Personal Consultation with Your Credit Advocate
Part of what separates the eCreditAttorney team from many other organizations is our strong belief that direct communication with you, our valued client, is necessary to ensure the best possible results. After receipt and initial analysis of your credit reports, your personal credit advocate will contact you and discuss the individual details of your case. During this direct communication with your personal credit advocate you will be advised as to what items can be legally disputed and the strategy proposed by our team to ensure that the problematic areas are properly addressed. Once you have personally reviewed, modified and approved your custom program we will move forward immediately with full implementation of your case.


Our Attorney Led Team Fights to Enforce Your Rights
This is the step where the eCreditAttorney team truly separates itself from all of our so called competition. Our attorney led team possesses the necessary experience, skills and endurance to ensure that your rights are enforced and that the credit bureaus fully comply with the law. Our attorney led team brings the dispute directly to the credit bureaus and aggressively fights to ensure every possible issue is properly investigated and addressed according to your powerful rights provided for by the FCRA. By doing so we are able to ensure your credit report is being presented in the in the most accurate and positive fashion possible and therefore your credit scores are as high as they can be. Regardless of the complexity of your individual case, as long as you are a client in good standing, our attorney led team promises to continue advocating your rights until you are 100% satisfied that your report is being presented in a fully compliant fashion and therefore as positive as it can possibly be.


Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy Financial Freedom
The credit bureaus are required by law to fully investigate your claim within a 30 day time period. After the completion of your claim submitted by the eCreditAttorney team, the bureaus are required to send you their results and an updated copy of your credit report. Due to our extremely efficient process and dedicated team, the average time from the initiation of a dispute and receipt of the credit bureaus response is an industry leading 45 days. Once you receive the bureaus investigations results documentation and get over the excitement that is generated from receiving actual results, we simply request that you forward in a copy of each response to our firm via email, fax or mail for our immediate review and updating of your account. At this point, based on the progress made and the feedback received, at your direction we will continue the process on your behalf, as you long as you are a client in good standing, until you are fully satisfied that your credit report and scores are being presented in the most accurate and positive fashion possible.






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