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You spoke and we listened! Unique to the eCreditAttorney credit repair program is our industry low fee structure. eCreditAttorney is one of the only attorney-led credit repair programs that does not charge clients an initial fee to begin, fees charged by our competitors as high as $99.95 just to enroll. Our clients get the entire credit repair process fully underway absolutely FREE with their first $29 retainer payment not due for a full 30 days after enrolling. We are Registered and Bonded, our services are backed by a performance based *REFUND POLICY and clients can always cancel at anytime. Superior service at an affordable price, WHY PAY MORE?

Why Pay More?

Many of our so called competitors charge clients an initial set up fee of up to $99.95 to enroll in their programs. The question is why? It is a good question and to be quite honest, no one really knows. As a consumer advocacy law firm that is dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of an improved credit rating and improved credit scores, our credit repair program was created to be as affordable as possible so that no one gets left behind. It is for this reason that we are offering clients an opportunity to get the process fully underway ABSOLUTELY FREE with no payment due for 30 days after enrolling! Improving your credit rating and credit scores is a serious life changing process and our program was developed to be accessible and affordable to all.

It is the eCreditAttorney promise that you will never be charged more than our industry low $29 monthly retainer fee (billed in arrears for services already provided) no matter how much extra work is required for us to work on the issues you approved to be included in your custom program. In full compliance with all applicable laws, you will never be charged any portion of any fee until the agreed upon service for the fee has been completed as your first $29 fee is not billed for 30 days after enrolling. During this initial 30 day period your custom program will be created and your first round of documentation will be drafted and submitted to each of the 3 bureaus for investigation. In addition you will be enjoying full access to our Client Central area including access to the eCreditAttorney Education Library and you will also enjoy unlimited access to our exceptional customer support with a staff eager to help you achieve your financial goals.

Payment Methods Available

Multiple options are available to choose from to pay your monthly retainer fee. The eCreditAttorney team accepts credit cards and checking/savings accounts by using your ATM/Debit card with the Mastercard or Visa logo. For your convenience your monthly retainer fees will be charged automatically to your selected method of payment

Our long-term success has resulted in an impeccable reputation envied throughout the industry. You can be assured that the eCreditAttorney team would never do anything to harm our clients or our reputation. No unauthorized charges will ever be made to your selected method of payment. The only charges that will ever be made are those in the amounts agreed upon by you on the dates indicated on your billing cycle.

Changing Payment Method

If you ever require a modification to your selected payment method, we will be happy to accommodate your request. To ensure your requests for a change in payment method is properly implemented, you are required to make your request at least five days prior to the completion of the payment period.

Dishonored Payments

If for some reason your payment is declined by your credit card company and/or bank the eCreditAttorney team will continue to resubmit the payment on your behalf for a 30 day period. In the rare event that your payment is not secured successfully within 30 days the eCreditAttorney team may have to place your case on hold until a resolution has been reached.







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