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“Armed with my new and improved credit score, I just consolidated my credit card debt at an unbelievable interest rate. I am saving over $1450 per month. Thank you!!!” ˆ

Arman, Texas

FAQs About Our Services



How exactly is my credit report repaired?

Once you have retained the eCreditAttorney team to optimize your credit report you will be immediately provided with unlimited access to the eCreditAttorney Educational Library containing a vast amount of valuable information on how to best restore your credit as well as build and maintain positive credit. This valuable library of data is yours to keep and retain for future reference and we encourage all clients to take the time to review as the information and tools provided are an invaluable asset that will help you ensure a more successful financial future.

We will also immediately set up your entire account and once we have received from you your credit report your credit advocate will engage you via email and/or phone to discuss the particulars of your case and will immediately perform a detailed analysis of your credit report in order to present an available and optimal course of action. Once presented you will at that time be required to review, modify and ultimately approve your custom plan of action. Please note that at all times your credit advocate remains available to discuss your case, both before your approval as well as after your program has been approved. Once we have received your approval your advocate will immediately begin implementing the dispute process using all of their knowledge and experience to professionally draft and send correspondence directly to all three credit bureaus. The manner in which all correspondence is drafted has been carefully crafted over many years to ensure that both the bureaus and your credit MUST take notice.

The precise nature of the correspondence that is sent on your behalf is a key ingredient to the success of your case. The same Federal laws that protect consumers have also left open several large loopholes that provide credit bureaus and creditors the ability to deprive you of many of the protections that the law was intended to provide you with. The manner in which the laws have been drafted provide the bureaus with the ability to refuse your requests to investigate a dispute under several different circumstances. In fact, over the years it has become quite apparent that a very large percentage of self-drafted consumer letters are unfortunately simply disregarded and ignored by the credit bureaus leaving the consumers without the benefit of having had a proper investigation performed and the corresponding results furnished.

Once our professionally drafted correspondence reaches the credit bureau, the law requires them to fully investigate the claim within a 30 day period and either elect to verify, update or delete the dispute information. Upon the conclusion of the bureaus investigation a copy of their results accompanied by either a full and/or partial copy of your credit report will be sent DIRECTLY TO YOU. Once this updated information is received we ask that you send a copy of such information to our firm via email, fax or mail and to of course keep a copy for your own personal records. Based on a careful analysis of this new information our team will update your account and will continue to work on the remaining issues, while you are a client in good standing, until you fully agree with the feedback being provided by the bureaus and are confident that the accounts included in your approved program are fully accurate, verifiable, timely and non-misleading. Federal law requires that every item appearing on your credit report be fully accurate, verifiable, timely and non-misleading in order for it to be properly presented on your credit report for others to see and to be used in the calculation of your credit scores. If the bureau investigation reveals that the disputed item is only partially inaccurate, the bureau has the option of changing the disputed item to reflect it accurately. The bureaus also have the ability to simply remove the non-compliant data entirely from your credit file, commonly referred to as a deletion. It is by proper legal enforcement of your rights why enrollment in the eCreditAttorney program will provide you with the most accurate and positive reporting of your credit.



Is it legal for me to have you dispute items?

Absolutely. The United States Congress, through the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, has specifically granted you the right to legally dispute items on your credit report which are inaccurate, unverifiable or misleading. Credit bureaus spend a lot of time and energy attempting to convince consumers that they do not have the right to challenge items on their credit reports, but this is simply not true. The ability to dispute items on your credit report was granted to all consumers by the United States Congress for the purpose of providing consumers with the ability to protect their most important financial asset, their credit.



How long does the process take?

It would be misleading to guarantee a precise outcome or time frame for a particular case. What the eCreditAttorney team can offer is an estimated time of the results you can expect to see. Although the results of each individual case will vary, we feel confident stating that the majority of our clients begin receiving real results well within 60 days from our initial contact. While our services are offered on a month to month basis your enrollment with our firm is tentatively scheduled for a period of 6 months of course with no obligation to remain for the full 6 months as you can cancel at anytime without penalty. If though at the conclusion of your 6 month enrollment you determine that additional assistance is required we will be happy to discuss such with you and determine if additional action would be beneficial based on the progress that has been made to date.

Your initial and continued involvement plays a significant factor in how quickly we can optimize your credit. Crucial to our process is your continued participation in the areas that you control, namely providing us with updated credit reports and all correspondence received from the bureaus. The complexity of your case and the cooperation of all those whom we correspond with on your behalf also vary the speed at which we can achieve providing you the financial freedom you deserve.




Can deleted items reappear?

In some instances a creditor may later verify or update the bureaus with additional information that was previously deleted from your credit report. However, under Federal law a bureau is required to inform you prior to re-listing an item that was previously deleted. In our experience, while this type of occurrence is rare if such does take place we will be happy to contact the bureaus on your behalf and demand that the issue be reevaluated to ensure that your legal rights are being properly enforced as we will continue to be here at all times to service your needs while you are a client in good standing.



What about paying my bills?

Regardless of if an item is deleted and/or successfully updated on your behalf, if the underlying debt is truly owed you will remain responsible for paying it despite the inaccurate nature of certain aspects of the account. Having the item removed and/or updated from your credit report only effects the reporting of your credit and not the debt related aspect of the account.



Is it true that if i pay my bills my credit will improve?

While this would be great if it were true, the reality is that it may be false. Paying down your debt may not result in removing negative items from your credit report. In reality when you do actually pay the debt your creditor reports the payment as late and the seven year time period re-starts.

The harsh reality is that a current negative listing is not treated any better than an unpaid negative listing. This results in the brutal reality that you get no favorable treatment with regards to your credit report for doing the right thing by bringing your account current.

The best solution is to let us work to optimize your credit while at the same time you attempt to fulfill your payments obligations to your creditors.



Are your services guaranteed?

While it would be unethical for any organization to guarantee that it will achieve a certain result, what we do guarantee is that our team will work on your case with the utmost diligence. Our success is measured by the results that we achieve for our clients.

Our confidence in the results that you can expect are so high that we offer a PERFORMANCE BASED REFUND POLICY entitling you to some, or even up to all of your money back, based on the actual results achieved.



Is use of your firm to repair my credit required?

While each and every one of us has the ability to learn certain specialties, often we choose to have an experienced professional complete certain complex tasks on our behalf. If you were to spend a substantial amount of time developing and testing strategies comparable to those our team has devised after many years of experience you could probably accomplish some of the things that we offer you.

Attempting to optimize your credit yourself would be comparable to representing yourself in court. That being said, yes you are legally entitled to do it, however most people recognize the importance of the issue and the level of experience necessary to achieve their desired results and determine that having a team of experienced attorneys represent them is the better choice.

Please note that beyond pursuing these efforts on your own and/or hiring a firm like ours to provide professional and affordable assistance you can also pursue assistance from a nonprofit credit counseling service in your area.

Your choice to have our firm represent you will likely lead to better results while at the same time saving you a tremendous amount of time, grief and money. Don’t be fooled, this process is incredibly time consuming and very complex. As our client you are the recipient of many years of experience and an ultimate process that has proven highly effective for thousands of our previous clients.


What about contacting my advocate?

Upon your decision to retain our services you will receive an introductory email with important contact information. We are always here for you to get a hold of to assist with any questions you may have. You can rest assured that throughout the course of your relationship with our firm we will be here to serve you in every way we can.


Will a real attorney actually be involved with my case?

Absolutely. The eCreditAttorney team ensures that only the most qualified professionals in the field handle your case. Each and every aspect of your case receives direct involvement with one of our dedicated and experienced attorneys to ensure that you receive the best possible service and available results.


Are there benefits to using your firm and experienced attorney?

Absolutely no question about it. Many companies who hold themselves out as organizations capable of repairing your credit actually have no business at all in this field. The truth of the matter is that the laws that have been drafted by the United States Congress are complex and require a detailed legal analysis and the proper implementation of an effective strategy that only an experienced attorney can best offer.

Retaining The eCreditAttorney Team to enforce your legal rights has benefits that our competitors simply cannot offer including:

  • As licensed professionals our attorneys are held to an extremely high level of scrutiny, resulting in a worry free experience for our clients
  • Years of experience in the legal field have provided our attorneys with the ability to aggressively fight for your rights by using the unique skills only a highly educated and trained attorney could offer
  • Preservation of all confidential information
  • And our ability to offer all of the same non-lawyer services that our competitors have to offer

The attorney responsible for heading the eCreditAttorney program is hands down one of the most knowledgeable and experienced attorneys in this particular field and has created this amazing program so that everyone requiring professional assistance in this area can enjoy the benefits of proper legal assistance at an affordable price. After many years of enforcing these particular rights for many clients our attorney led team has become the envy of our entire industry.


Does it matter where I live?

The location of your residence does not play a factor in our ability to provide services to you. The eCreditAttorney team is limited to the pre-litigation enforcement of consumer rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act and various other Federal laws. The rights that are enforced on your behalf are Federal in nature, and subsequently are available to most, regardless of the particular state you live in. Please note that some states may have other rights and remedies available that we will not be able to provide you assistance with.


What Other Services Do You Offer?

The eCreditAttorney program was specifically designed and created based on our belief that your credit report and scores are your most important financial assets. The eCreditAttorney program is geared specifically to help you safeguard these assets by enforcing your rights to ensure that your credit reports and scores are being presented in the most accurate, compliant and positive fashion possible as enrollment in the eCreditAttorney program is limited to the pre-litigation enforcement of your consumer rights as granted by the United States Congress in the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act.  Our firm though offers a myriad of additional legal services including bankruptcy law, contract law, business law and many others. While access to these additional areas of legal assistance are not included with your enrollment in the eCreditAttorney program, if additional assistance is required please feel free to contact our firm for additional information.





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