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“After you got my credit score raise by 160 points, I decided to re-finance my home. I am writing to thank you for your services. As a result of my new interest rate, you have saved me over $80,000 in interest payments. Thank you so much, especially my credit advocate *** ” ˆ

Barb, Florida


The eCreditAttorney program offers advantages to our clients that our competition simply cannot offer. Below are but a few of the reasons why clients, just like you, can’t help but choose our firm to fight on their behalf to help provide them financial.

1. No one knows the law better than an experienced lawyer!!!

Your legal rights are not only important they can also be quite complex and difficult to properly enforce. To effectively enforce your legal rights to the fullest you must understand the law and how to best enforce it to enjoy the protections it was established to provide. Our clients can rest assured that our licensed attorney who heads our team not only knows the importance of your rights but that they know the law and how to properly enforce such laws like only a truly experienced attorney could. Your partnership with our firm offers advantages that our competitors simply cannot offer all at a price that is affordable to all.

2. Actual One on One Contact

Unique to our program is our policy to engage in direct contact with our clients via phone, email as well our clients only interface, Client Central.  Our firm understands that our success over the years has resulted from understanding that no two cases are the same. We believe that to truly understand your case and accomplish the best possible results, more than just an analysis of your credit report is required. The direct contact between you and our firm is a key ingredient to the ultimate success of your case and is a major reason why the clients utilizing the eCreditAttorney program get the maximum amount of results available based on each individuals unique case as your direct involvement in the set up of your case and your ultimate approval regarding the accounts to which investigations are performed lead to the most effective service possible.

3. No hidden fees!!!

As our client we promise you that there are no hidden fees associated with our program. As your advocate, we have only one goal in mind, your success. The eCreditAttorney program has been created from the ground up to be highly effective, easy for you to use and priced at such an affordable level where everyone is able to take advantage of our amazing program. While we offer a completely stress free experience for our clients, rest assured that the pressure is being put directly on your creditors and the bureaus. As our client, you will NEVER be surprised with any additional fees, guaranteed!!!

4. Incredibly low monthly retainer

After helping countless clients over the years our firm has been able to streamline its process resulting in a level of performance and efficiency envied throughout the industry. The good news to you is that our efficiency leads to the fastest and most comprehensive results in the industry at an incredibly low monthly fee. The bottom line is that you, our new client, get the benefits of years of experience and increased efficiency passed on directly to you via the lowest monthly retainer fee offered anywhere.

5. Unlimited Deletions and Disputes

Don’t be fooled by other companies that charge you a fee per dispute or deletion. The harsh results of such a pricing scheme comes as quite a surprise to many clients, due to the fact that they are charged three times for every dispute and/or deletion (once for each reporting bureau). A per dispute or per deletion fee structure is highly costly and flat out ineffective. At eCreditAttorney we are only concerned with doing the job you have paid us to do, to fight to protect your legal rights no matter how much extra work is needed. There is no extra charge based on the quantity of disputes or deletions and you will absolutely never be charged for each credit bureau individually. Regardless of the complexity of your case, your fee remains the same low price.

6. Completely Confidential Relationship

Rest assured that thanks to the powerful relationship created between you and our firm all communications will remain completely confidential. This provides you, our client, with the ability to achieve the best possible results with the least amount of stress knowing that all of your personal and financial information is completely confidential.

7. Performance Based Refund Policy*

Our confidence in our service is so strong that we offer a performance based refund policy that entitles you to money back, up to the full amount paid for our service, based on the actual number of items included in your approved program that are successfully addressed. The bottom line to you is an opportunity to allow us to help you pursue an improved financial future knowing that the services being provided are backed by our powerful performance based refund policy.





ˆ The testimonials and results provided are for illustrative purposes only.
As with any legal work, no outcome is promised and your results may vary.

* Terms and Conditions Apply, see our Promise Page for a detailed explanation of our performance based Refund Policy.
If eligible for a full refund client is not liable for any costs.

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